September 30, 2021: R in Production with Bruno Tremblay

This meeting is our first meeting in this decade, so Marcus and Peter are going to give a brief intro about the Edmonton R User Group (YEGRUG). Come and join the conversation so you can actively shape where YEGRUG should go!

In the second half of the meeting, we’ll have the incredible Bruno Tremblay will be giving a talk: “And now your R code has to be reliable (R in Production)”. Bruno has a wealth of experience to share in his talk and the Q&A about strategy, checklist, how to make maintenance easier for yourself and others.

Bruno is an expert actuarial consultant at Beneva and freelance consultant at, see hist work at He maintains tools and services to support an array of insurance needs from research to production. Bruno also is an open source advocate, contributor, code in any language, mostly R (data.table > tibble).

We had some good conversations about R/Python, CICD, production clusters, and the freedom, empowerment, and agility that open source provides for businesses that are willing to say goodbye to the status quo.