November 25, 2021: Model fitting in the cloud with Mauricio Vargas

We welcomed Mauricio “Pachá” Vargas to our Meetup in November 2021. He presented a talk entitled “analogsea: Using Arrow, S3 and DigitalOcean for efficient model fitting in the cloud”.

Mauricio is a statistician from Chile, now doing his PhD in Toronto. He has worked on many R packages, interested in international trade and migration related statistical modeling. Mauricio is also a member of the rOpenSci Community and a certified Tidyverse and Shiny RStudio instructor and an active member of the Latin R community (helped to translate the R4DS book to Spanish). Read more at and @pachadotdev.


Packages mentioned

  • analogsea: to communicate with DigitalOcean to set up cloud instances (droplets)
  • broom: to tame lm models into nice outputs
  • tictoc: to measure compute times
  • eflm: for efficient linear model fitting