October 28, 2021: R Open Science with Steffi LaZerte

Our October R User Group (YEG RUG) meetup welcomed Stefanie LaZerte who talked about rOpenSci (https://ropensci.org/). The mission of rOpenSci is to transform science through open data, software & reproducibility. Besides working with rOpenSci, Steffi is an award winning behavioral ecologist, R programmer, and biological consultant, see here impressive portfolio at https://steffilazerte.ca/.


Packages mentioned

  • gt: Easily Create Presentation-Ready Display Tables
  • gh: working with the GitHub API
  • DHARMa: Residual Diagnostics for Hierarchical Regression Models

Tips and tricks

  • Best way to learn R is through projects: learn troubleshooting early, you will run into issues for sure
  • R consultants starting out need to put the word out there so that your network is aware, it is all word of mouth
  • Time crunched professional can find time to learn R bit by bit by:
    • communicating this with their higher ups: there are long term returns (time saved)
    • chunking the problems, attach a small piece at once
  • Rmarkdown is often the best way to learn R and documenting the learning along the way for future you
  • Spin is lesser known way to document your scripts, it is kind of the inverse of Rmarkdown
  • Tidyverse for beginners: it is safe, just call things by name, not by their position (that will change)

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